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内容摘要:山东鲁发机器人股份有限公司是以工业机器人和自动化整合工程技术为核心,致力于数字化高端装备制造的高技术的企业。  鲁发公司立足自主创新,形成三个区和一个中心、“研发区、高端加工区、精密装配区和展示中心”,来提供良好的发展平台,在业务领域互相促进、共同发展。在自动化系统集成设计和交钥匙工程综合能力方面,...

山东鲁发机器人股份有限公司是以工业机器人和自动化整合工程技术为核心,致力于数字化高端装备制造的高技术的企业。   鲁发公司立足自主创新,形成三个区和一个中心、“研发区、高端加工区、精密装配区和展示中心”,来提供良好的发展平台,在业务领域互相促进、共同发展。在自动化系统集成设计和交钥匙工程综合能力方面,公司形成了极强的综合竞争优势和差异化比较竞争优势。   鲁发公司为汽车零部件、焊接、装配、涂装、机械加工、电子电气、橡胶及塑料工业、快递、物流、食品工业、木材与家具制造业等领域中以机器人代替人工实现智能化生产、简化流程、简化操作、增强产能优于市场上现有水平一条龙式服务的“交钥匙”工程。   鲁发公司致力于以机器人替换人的核心技术全方位以创新、精出于细、品源于专来满足客户的特殊需求,引领客户产业智能转型和升级的新引擎。 Shandong Lu FA robot Limited by Share Ltd is based on industrial robots and automation integration engineering technology,As the core, is committed to digital high-end equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprises.,Shandong company based on independent innovation, the formation of three districts and one center, high-end research and development area, processing area, precision assembly area and Exhibition Center ", to provide a good platform for development in the field of business, mutual promotion and common development. In the aspect of automation system integration design and turnkey project comprehensive ability, the company has formed a strong comprehensive competitive advantage and differentiated comparative competitive advantage. Shandong company for automotive components, assembly, welding, painting, machining, electronic and electrical, rubber and plastics industry, courier, logistics, food industry, wood and furniture manufacturing and other fields to realize intelligent robots instead of manual production, simplify the process, simplify the operation and enhance the capacity is better than the existing market level a stop service "turnkey" project. The company is committed to replace the core technology to replace the full range of innovative technology, refined out of thin, from the product to meet the special needs of customers, customer service industry to lead the transformation and upgrading of the new engine.

名 称:中国·山东鲁发机器人股份有限公司

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